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Artificial Putting Greens for your home

  • Too many 3 putts?

  • Keen to improve your short game and lower your handicap?

  • Do you have to drive to your club every time you want to practice?

  • Do you want an artificial putting green in your garden at an affordable price?

The numbers of putts during a round of golf is around half of your final score, but how ofter do you practice your putting? For golfers, the idea pretty much sells itself. You know to improve your golf game you need to work on your short game. You come home from work and you have an hour to practice before other things get in the way but you don't have the opportunity or time to get to the golf club.

Artificial grass outdoor putting greens are the easiest way to lower your golf score and the ideal way to practice, improve the consistency and accuracy of your short game and in general just enjoy golf at home in your very own garden.

'Home Greens' supply top of the range artificial grass that can be used all year round in all climates, maintaining its quality with minimal upkeep.

What our customers say...

“I am not only pleased with the green, but the service you provided on a whole. The characteristics of the green make it play better than some of the greens on my local course!”Steven, Nottingham
“My putting greens is great and rolls so well – will forward some photo’s as soon as I get the rest of my garden sorted.”Roger, Birmingham
“Thank you for your quick easy service, really look forward to putting on my green.”Wayne, Nottingham
“I have received my order and the green looks great – VERY GOOD VALUE”Derek, Weston Cheshire


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