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The Grass

  • Are all artificial grass-putting greens the same?

    No! The quality of grass can vary greatly depending on the supplier. We are very happy to provide a sample of our grass so you can compare the quality with other suppliers.

  • Why polypropylene?

    Polypropylene grass is the best all round surface for a golf green. It produces a realistic, true roll when putting but the ball also bounces, checks up and rolls out much like a natural green when chipping.

  • How fast do the greens run?

    Our greens run at a speed similar to an average golf club putting green, between 8-9 on the stimp meter.

  • What are the maintenance requirements?

    Very little maintenance is required, you only need to keep the surface free of debris using a brush. No watering or mowing is necessary.

  • How well do the greens drain?

    The artificial grass rubber backing has small drainage holes to allow any water the drain away.

  • How long will the artificial grass last?

    It will depend on how often it is used but will last 8-15 years. All grass comes with an 8-year manufactures guarantee.


  • How do I install?

    Installation is an easy process to follow using our step-by-step guide; view our installation guide for more details.

  • How long does installation take?

    The time taken to install can vary depending on the size of the putting green. A small green can take as little as a few hours but larger green may take a few days.

  • Can the green be shaped to suit my design?

    The artificial grass can be cut easily in situ to any shape you require using a sharp Stanley knife.

  • Can the grass be joined to make a larger surface?

    Yes, the grass can be joined using joining tape and adhesive resin to make a larger putting green. These can be supplied on request.

  • Can I have more than one hole?

    Yes, each green is supplied with one flag and cup but additional ones can be purchased.


  • Is the grass pet friend?

    Yes, the grass has a rubber backing which provides great protections against pets digging or scratching.

  • What about pet mess?

    Any droppings can be easily removed and washed away without discolouring.

  • Will it leave a smell?

    Rainwater will naturally clean the surface itself but you can wash the surface using a hosepipe and stiff brush.


  • Is the grass in stock?

    Yes, all sizes are available from stock for immediate dispatch.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    The price for delivery depends on the size of the green and the location for delivery but ranges from £42 - £60.

  • How is my grass delivered?

    We use a door-to-door currier service to delivery all of our grass.

  • How long does delivery take?

    The delivery time can vary from next working day to 5 working days depending on size and location.

  • Can I collect the grass myself?

    Yes, we are based in Nottingham so feel free to come and collect in person if you are local.

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